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Who called from 012345678 (3 months ago) Danger

supposedly they was from a mobile network & that my account was expiring soon, & needed to update credit card details for payment. My contract still has 8 more months, so this was lies.

Who called from 012345678 (3 months ago) Danger

I received a ring from this numbers this morning & the person assured myself they was calling from our bank's fraud squad. At first was very genuine as they had our bank account details & told myself someone was trying to withdraw a large amount of money...but when they asked myself to log on to the bank on my laptop alarm bells phoned & I put the telephone down. I then phoned the bank who said it was a scammer & they are investigating it

Who called from 012345678 (3 months ago) Danger

I have brothers in law who work for BT, this numbers is from abroad, the identifier (number on the telephoner display) is sent instead of International or other message for abroad callers. On various sites it supposedly to be a scanner & they are multi identity. If you get this number, just let it ring or go to message. DO NOT LIFT THE HANDSET (Answer) if you do they will ring you using other lines. Best left unanswered, we now ring back numbers we only know. It has stopped a load of these calls

Who called from 012345678 (3 months ago) Danger

Called two times hang up each time I answered

Who called from 012345678 (3 months ago) Danger

inaudible ring on 26 0ct 14. if it is really from Bedford area, we've had curious unasked-for call from a real car dealer (name now forgotten) there before now, perhaps they've gone into annoyance calling? can't see how they'd gain

Who called from 012345678 (3 months ago) Danger

A inaudible ring annoyance - no idea how the numbers appears as it does but that makes it straight away suspicious.

Who called from 012345678 (3 months ago) Natural

claim to be Sky when my Dad answered but the phoneline was inaudible when I took the telephone & then they hang up. Surprise surprise, when I attempted to ring back the numbers is invalid (well, look at it!)

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