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Who called from 02033988623 (2 months ago) Danger

I had the misfortune of coming across Jordan Frost through his company Gladiator construction. they had myself over big time. Cost myself thousands. I see now that they is at it again. 30 years experience? His arsehole isn't even that old. If anyone is interested look up "truffles pension scam" also Bristol Group & his involvement in the three metres orchard rising at elm tree farm. Various drive away petrol thefts. This is only a part of it. My advise would be have nothing to do with

Who called from 02033988623 (2 months ago) Danger

This person is a professional fraudster & his company is corrupt. We were interested in having some work done so we checked him out. they was convicted for blackmail. His site is a total pack of lies. they is not a builder. they & his brother claim to sell helicopters with his other company khonsu., Yes cons you. & they most certainly will.

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