01626 Area Code

(3 weeks ago) Danger

Silence when answered .

(1 month ago) Danger

Said it was a bank fraud department but no bank name. Said credit card had been used by overseas for a large purchase.

(2 months ago) Danger

Mohammad Harun

(4 months ago) Good


(4 months ago) Danger

This numbers flashed up as International on my phone! It was an automatic ring telling myself about being charged for something I have not ordered from Amazon, so I’m assuming that this is another scammer & I will not be calling them.

(6 months ago) Natural

Called & no voice when I picked up

(6 months ago) Danger

Antonio B., pre-recorded voice saying we have tried to ring you regarding your internet connection & you will be turned off within 24 hours, press one to connect to a representative. I just hang up!

(6 months ago) Danger

Md parvas

(6 months ago) Danger

Said they were Microsoft. Problems with my computer. They were not Microsoft & there are no problems with my pc .

(7 months ago) Good

md monir

(7 months ago) Danger

Keeps calling and requesting linking into our computer keep harassing us

(7 months ago) Danger

(7 months ago) Natural

(8 months ago) Danger

(10 months ago) Danger

(10 months ago) Danger

(10 months ago) Danger

(11 months ago) Danger

(11 months ago) Danger

(1 year ago) Danger

(1 year ago) Danger

(1 year ago) Danger

(1 year ago) Natural


5 Common Phone Scams to Watch Out For

There are lots of scams you need to watch out for, but I thought I would go over some common ones, including a brand new scam known as the "can you hear me" scam. It involves the scammer recording you saying Yes so they can use it later to charge you bogus fees. I also discuss other scams such as the call forwarding scam, the windows tech support scam, and others. Plus how to avoid scams in general.

Showing a Scammer Call Centre their Photos!

In this video we expose multiple scammers at this specific call centre by showing the scammers their exact photo. Even showing a scammers boss picture, scammer name and location.

Report a nuisance or scam numbers

Help other people and report any number that have called you and you've had either a negative, neutral, or positive experience with the caller or callers.
Reporting a number (by just simply searching) can help millions of other people being scammed or harassed via the phone.

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