Pestered Phone calls

(2 weeks ago) Natural

(1 month ago) Natural

For a start, am registered with TPS so shouldn't be pestered from UK numbers. Didn't pick up & their recording overlapped into a 1571 message. Said: ‘For a ring bac...

(1 month ago) Danger

Made enquiry to this company now being pestered by email, texts & calls. Also use 0845 287 5833

(1 month ago) Danger

saw reviews keep getting pestered by numbers

(2 months ago) Danger

This is the second time I have been pestered by this numbers despite telling them are running a scam, told them is no uncertain terms not to ring again.

(2 months ago) Danger

Pestered myself for a few days

(2 months ago) Danger

Pestered all the time

(2 months ago) Danger

We keep being pestered by the numbers 01138314019. It is inaudible when you pick up the phone. This is really intrusive & must be stopped.

(2 months ago) Danger

This rude person pestered our office with annoyance calls, when I called back they got very nasty & hang up on myself numerous times. Doesn't like her own medicine it seems.

(2 months ago) Danger

SCAMBeing pestered with call from this number!

(3 months ago) Natural

I am receiving scam call daily. I do not open them. Is there anyone else who is being pestered daily ?

(3 months ago) Danger

pestered myself all day

(3 months ago) Danger

Made initial enquiry now being pestered by email, texts & calls. Also use 07860004712 to dispatch texts

(4 months ago) Natural

I approached this company in the first place and got a quotation. I was probably asked for my telephone number. If I gave it it was not so I could be pestered. Yesterday I received what had all the appearance of being a nuisance call. I would not have answered the unknown number if I had not been expecting an important call. I did, but when I answered all I got was a dialling tone. After discovering who the caller was I decided to let the matter pass. However exactly the same has ha


5 Common Phone Scams to Watch Out For

There are lots of scams you need to watch out for, but I thought I would go over some common ones, including a brand new scam known as the "can you hear me" scam. It involves the scammer recording you saying Yes so they can use it later to charge you bogus fees. I also discuss other scams such as the call forwarding scam, the windows tech support scam, and others. Plus how to avoid scams in general.

Showing a Scammer Call Centre their Photos!

In this video we expose multiple scammers at this specific call centre by showing the scammers their exact photo. Even showing a scammers boss picture, scammer name and location.

Report a nuisance or scam numbers

Help other people and report any number that have called you and you've had either a negative, neutral, or positive experience with the caller or callers.
Reporting a number (by just simply searching) can help millions of other people being scammed or harassed via the phone.

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