Blocked Phone calls

(28 minutes ago) Natural

Another ring from the bournemouth scammer. numbers blocked this is just annoying now to keep repeatedly switching to a different number. blocked

(28 minutes ago) Danger

scammer received WhatsApp message saying telephone damaged & using this new device. asking myself to pay an invoice. I then called my kids to verify but it wasn't them. easy to get hoodwinked. I has reported & blocked this numbers & will now report to the police.

(29 minutes ago) Natural

collision Company - Premium rate number! I blocked them from calling myself again!

(2 hours ago) Natural

This numbers is a no say number, that is they call & say nothing & then clear after a few minutes. Not sure who they are, but the location is a housing estate in Bournmouth, so not a company. This I have blocked the number. Could be a scammer or anyhting.

(2 hours ago) Danger

TAXES / HM Revenue and Customs automatic ring informing myself that HM Revenue and Customs were raising a tax fraud case against me. Instructed myself to press one to continue. hang up & blocked the number. phoned HM Revenue and Customs & they confirmed it was a scam.

(2 hours ago) Natural

inaudible call, then hang up. Now blocked

(4 hours ago) Natural

clearly cold calling. Not able to return ring have blocked.

(8 hours ago) Danger

Called back, automatic response saying ring from review centre. if i wanted to opt out of further call press one - i hang up & blocked, nothing needs reviewed. My guess money sent protection insurance as had a alike ring this morning! Annoying!

(13 hours ago) Natural

Kept calling I answered first time & nobody there, they keep calling have now blocked!!!!!!

(20 hours ago) Natural

(20 hours ago) Danger

Fraud: Blocked & reported. No time for scum.

(20 hours ago) Danger

was allready blocked

(21 hours ago) Natural

(22 hours ago) Natural

Have been calling persistently for the pass couple of weeks now with very alike numbers. Very annoying. Ignored & blocked.


5 Common Phone Scams to Watch Out For

There are lots of scams you need to watch out for, but I thought I would go over some common ones, including a brand new scam known as the "can you hear me" scam. It involves the scammer recording you saying Yes so they can use it later to charge you bogus fees. I also discuss other scams such as the call forwarding scam, the windows tech support scam, and others. Plus how to avoid scams in general.

Showing a Scammer Call Centre their Photos!

In this video we expose multiple scammers at this specific call centre by showing the scammers their exact photo. Even showing a scammers boss picture, scammer name and location.

Report a nuisance or scam numbers

Help other people and report any number that have called you and you've had either a negative, neutral, or positive experience with the caller or callers.
Reporting a number (by just simply searching) can help millions of other people being scammed or harassed via the phone.

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